Raykar Mudblood

Earth-bending Dwarf out for revenge


Raykar kinds from a line of dwarves with a deep innate connection to the elemental powers of earth. Regular dwarves treat his family with disdain and mistrust, which forces them to be nomadic.

He and his family drifted into westcrown a few weeks ago with a traveling troupe. When his parents suddenly went missing, Raykar set about looking for them. He took on work at a local forge to get a place to stay while he searched. A few days ago, his parents were found among the victims of a mass murder by Bastards. Raykar stormed over to their headquarters and ran into members of the rebels as they were entering. Upon learning that the bastards were working for someone else, Raykar insisted on joining the rebels so that he could help root out the source of evil that killed his family.

Raykar Mudblood

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