Session 4.2

In a mad scramble to hunt down the Vampire Menace Jair in rescue of the Westcrown Rebel’s youngest and most boisterous member, our heroes not only emerge with their wits but clinging to an ancient artifact of light, only to find themselves cast into darkness amidst the coming winter; whereupon traversing the main highway, finding themselves the subject of dangerous and deadly parties of ironclad hellknights, winged bandit, and dark horsemen. Are the brash and ominous words of the hated Ilnerik Sivanshin ringing true? Or are their darker forces at work? And perhaps more importantly: will our heroes recognize the metropolis they call their home upon their interrupted return?

Next game January 28th

Stolen Shadows of Dusk

lestat1731 WilliamRames jamese_obert hannahfish Sheranya